Dr Raylton Chikwati
15 July 2024 | News

Awardees selected for Meade Travel Grants

DAWN046 Large
08 July 2024 | News

Animation depicts the experience of remote healthcare for eating disorders

Dr Katie Long
24 June 2024 | News

Supporting researchers to shape healthcare policy and practice

woman sat listening to medical professional with clipboard
12 June 2024 | News

Getting closer to personalised treatments for eating disorders

Teenage girl using smartphone at night
23 May 2024 | News

New study sheds light on social media, smartphone use and self-harm in young people

Male young person looking out to sea looking stressed
21 May 2024 | News

Urgent action needed to address migration of psychiatrists out of Nigeria

Child with cancer being carried by adult
13 May 2024 | News

Improving the lives of children and young people – during and after cancer treatment

Child wearing hearing aid
07 May 2024 | News

Launching new research to tackle hearing loss

Young woman with skin disorder looking in mirror
29 April 2024 | News

The latest research into the effects of skin disorders on young people

Group of pregnant women
16 April 2024 | News

Funding supports researchers to make real-world impacts with their research

Patient hugs parent
07 February 2024 | News

Fellowships to tackle musculoskeletal pain in young people

Christmas card design with ornamental organoids by Michaela Raab
27 November 2023 | News

3D ‘mini-organs’ offer window into human disease and drug discovery

Med Research Awards Nov 2023 139
23 November 2023 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize recognises future leaders in hepatitis research

Begna Tulu Eticha, Victor Mogre and Michael Head speaking about health impacts of climate change
01 November 2023 | News

£2.7 million for new research into health impacts of climate change

Moorfields Eye Hospital child care
13 September 2023 | News

£1.7 million funding for children’s eye health research

Male patient in hospital bed
03 August 2023 | News

People cured of hepatitis C still face substantial risk of death

Illustration of planes travelling across earth
27 July 2023 | News

Four awardees selected for Meade Travel Grants in Epidemiology 2022

Young person in therapy session
29 June 2023 | News

UK funders invest £4.25 million into new eating disorders research

Collage of health professionals talking in palliative care film
27 June 2023 | News

New film addresses racial inequity in healthcare

Paul Moss 1
14 June 2023 | News

Medical Research Foundation appoints new Chair

Lightbulbs on blue background illustration
23 May 2023 | News

Changing Policy and Practice: our newly awarded projects

Rosie 1
10 May 2023 | News

Taking on the Leeds Half Marathon - Rosie's story

06 April 2023 | News

The role of mitochondria in Parkinson's disease

Female patient on clinical trial
08 March 2023 | News

Closing the sex and gender gap in medical research

Person browsing the web on a laptop
27 February 2023 | News

Could ‘machine learning’ hold the key to detecting eating disorder risk?

24 February 2023 | News

We're looking for a new Chair of Trustees

Dr Stephanie Koch smiles in front of equipment
10 February 2023 | News

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Child and parent in oncology ward waving to someone on a mobile video call
03 February 2023 | News

New research into ongoing pain experienced by childhood cancer survivors

Professional Black Head Nurse Wearing Face Mask Does Checkup of Patient's Vitals, Checking Heart Rate Computer, Intravenous or Iv Fluids Drip Bag
26 January 2023 | News

Influencing policy and practice in palliative care, pregnancy, and more

Cold comforts
21 December 2022 | News

Festive science image 'a reminder of how medical research keeps us safe'

Cold comforts
21 December 2022 | News

Festive science image 'a reminder of how medical research keeps us safe'

Colourful illustration of people arranging a giant jigsaw - suggesting teamwork
21 December 2022 | News

Supporting researchers to change policy and practice

Emerging leaders prize 2022 winners
21 December 2022 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize recognises future leaders in lupus research

Gloved hand picks up petri dish which is growing cultures
17 November 2022 | News

Funding £150,000 of new research into tuberculosis

Kristen Gallagher
02 November 2022 | News

Being a trustee at the Medical Research Foundation

Kilimanjaro team photo
27 October 2022 | News

Fundraising team climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Autoimmune Hepatitis research

Photo of mother and daughter running on the beach, the mother is slowly disintegrating and turning into pixels on the right-hand side of her body.
26 October 2022 | News

World Stroke Day 2022: study reveals sharp rise in stroke cases among young adults

Hospital patient lies in bed with heart monitor in the focus of the photo
24 October 2022 | News

AI predicts hospital patients most at risk of COVID-19

Jack Holman in conversation
04 October 2022 | News

Meet the scientist - Dr Jack Holman

Man with clipboard sits opposite a young man with his hands together leaning forwards
21 September 2022 | News

Eating disorders: £4 million committed to new research

Illustration of hands of multiple ethnicities holding up the earth
16 August 2022 | News

Promoting partnerships for the planet

Mother and child sitting on a garden bench blowing dandelions
15 August 2022 | News

Children with rare genetic disorders more likely to have developmental and mental health problems

Male researcher working in lab
26 July 2022 | News

Saving lives - World Hepatitis Day 2022

New Trustees July 2022
20 July 2022 | News

New trustees to help deliver £50 million of new research funding by 2029

Lisa and Stephen on a hike
15 July 2022 | News

Climbing Kilimanjaro for autoimmune hepatitis research

Ash Myall Web
11 July 2022 | News

PhD student secures Alan Turing Institute award

Illustration of two figures next to an orange-coloured earth. One figure holds a fan up to the globe, the other is attaching a UV.
04 July 2022 | News

Understanding the impact of climate change on health

White woman with back to camera squeezes her own arm
20 June 2022 | News

Addressing the impact of skin disorders in children and young people

MRC Event May 2022 162
26 May 2022 | News

Celebrating our COVID-19 Emerging Leaders Prize winners

Researcher wearing purple gloves holds petri dish, examining it
16 May 2022 | News

Turning the tide on antimicrobial resistance

Digital image of a head formed by graphic white lines on blue background
11 May 2022 | News

‘Launchpad’ grants in mental health research

Henry Mc Sorley
02 May 2022 | News

How molecules from parasitic worms could help prevent and treat asthma

Dr Katy Vincent
05 April 2022 | News

Understanding the long-term effects of period pain

Text reads: 2022 Emerging Leaders Prize, Supporting life-changing lupus research
10 March 2022 | News

Celebrating lupus research leaders of the future

Woman sat on windowsill looking outdoors
02 March 2022 | News

8 ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people with eating disorders

Male adult holds child on his shoulders. Child has their arms wide and they are walking towards a sunset
23 February 2022 | News

Why young children are more optimistic

Image shows grid-like layout of a variety of differently coloured and shaped pills, on a turquoise background
16 February 2022 | News

Reshaping how we think about antibiotics and drug-resistant infections

Digital image of a neuron in front of a dark blue background
15 February 2022 | News

£1.2 million for new pain research fellowships

Dr Dawn Branley Bell
11 February 2022 | News

​Meet the researcher: Dr Dawn Branley-Bell

Changing Policy And Practice Awardees 1
10 February 2022 | News

Helping our researchers to maximise their impact

World Cancer Day 2022 Web Banner
04 February 2022 | News

New funding for cancer research

Kieron South1
27 January 2022 | News

How mentoring is supporting my research into stroke in young adults

White female runner on a red inflatable smiling at camera with arms in the air

Inflatable 5K

Nick Lemoine
07 January 2022 | News

Professor Nick Lemoine receives CBE for services to clinical research

Elp 2021 Banner
24 November 2021 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize celebrates outstanding COVID-19 research

19 November 2021 | News

Boosting the body's natural response to infections

Ash Myall Web
18 November 2021 | News

Stopping the spread of AMR in hospitals

Amy Harrison and researchers looking at laptop
07 October 2021 | News

Preventing eating disorders and self-harm

Woman with headphones on undergoing hearing test sat opposite researcher
21 September 2021 | News

Improving the lives of people with hearing loss or tinnitus

Img 2542
09 August 2021 | News

Funding science for future generations

Lorenzo Medical Researcher with brain scan on computer
30 July 2021 | News

How do babies feel pain?

Young adolescent looking unhappy into mirror
14 July 2021 | News

Teens with a history of self-harm have a significantly higher threshold for pain

Fiona Watt Thames Bridges Trek
30 June 2021 | News

Taking steps for adolescent mental health

Animation of a female doctor and man having a conversation
08 June 2021 | News

Maximising the impact of medical research

Woman sat on windowsill looking outdoors
13 May 2021 | News

New projects to tackle eating disorders and self-harm

12 May 2021 | News

Brain scans could offer sign of postpartum psychosis risk

Outline of lungs
05 May 2021 | News

Reversing asthma’s effects on the lungs

COVID-19 virus
29 April 2021 | News

What happens when the immune system goes wrong?

Researcher looking into a microscope
24 March 2021 | News

World TB Day: new collaborative projects to tackle tuberculosis

Elp 2021 Graphic Website1
17 February 2021 | News

Celebrating life-changing COVID-19 research

Dr Zania Stamataki
11 February 2021 | News

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Person taking a video call at desk
08 February 2021 | News

Mentoring support for our fellows

Be Feature Graphic
14 December 2020 | News

Science games explore link between brain development and mental health

Male communicating with female nurse
10 December 2020 | News

Why are we more prone to infection as we get older?

Older man with clinical mask on looks out of the window
09 December 2020 | News

COVID-19 more deadly for men, finds global meta-analysis

Elp Pain Research Web
05 November 2020 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize celebrates outstanding pain researchers

Jordan Sealey
15 October 2020 | News

Using dogs to explore antimicrobial resistance

Man and woman sat looking at a laptop
30 September 2020 | News

The Dorothy Temple Cross Fund: Uniting against TB

Img 5206
22 September 2020 | News

COVID-19: how do we treat people with lasting lung damage?

Kev Chau Photo
05 August 2020 | News

COVID-19: accelerating testing with robotics

Brain Scan
16 July 2020 | News

Adolescent brain structure could inform early interventions for eating disorders

Two people skydiving to raise money for the Medical Research Foundation

Skydive in the name of Medical Research

Man bungee jumping off a platform

Bungee Jump in the name of Medical Research

Laura Itzhaki
04 June 2020 | News

Foundation fellow pioneering new class of cancer drugs

Cara Patel
18 May 2020 | News

Coronavirus: living with autism in a pandemic

Andrea Colvile
13 May 2020 | News

Charity appeal funds cutting-edge hepatitis study

23 April 2020 | News

New hepatitis studies to aid search for new treatments

Tihana Web
20 April 2020 | News

Coronavirus: identifying treatments

Covid19 Lungs
17 April 2020 | News

Coronavirus: how does it affect the lungs?

Coronavirus Web
09 April 2020 | News

Coronavirus: a virologist’s view

07 April 2020 | News

Coronavirus: responding to the pandemic

Ash Myall Web
07 April 2020 | News

Coronavirus: forecasting COVID-19 cases to help the NHS

30 March 2020 | News

Coronavirus (COVID-19): update for grant-holders

Emma And Andrew
22 January 2020 | News

Offering hope to Amish families affected by genetic disorders

Dr Leo Swadling
21 January 2020 | News

Immune cell health discovery could optimise cancer therapies

Hans Michael Web3
06 January 2020 | News

Dr Hans Michael Haitchi appointed to Board of Trustees

Colvile Photos 1
23 November 2019 | News

Autoimmune hepatitis research fund launched in memory of Andrea Colvile

Myrsini Kaforou 2
21 November 2019 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize celebrates AMR research leaders of the future

Lupus News Story
25 October 2019 | News

New research to pinpoint the causes of lupus

Petri dish
07 October 2019 | News

The power of collaboration: working together to tackle AMR

Ryan Cook
24 September 2019 | News

Swapping the lab coat for a running vest

Self Harm Pr Web
05 September 2019 | News

Generational study looks for biological links between childhood trauma and self-harm

Fussy Eating
05 August 2019 | News

Teenage eating disorders linked to early childhood eating habits

Donation pots
22 July 2019 | News

VACANCY: Head of Development

Backlit Beach Clouds
11 July 2019 | News

New investment in eating disorders and self-harm research

Zsofia Blair Edinburgh Half Marathon Cropped2
06 June 2019 | News

Conquering the Edinburgh Half

Stroke In Young Adults
05 June 2019 | News

New research to improve diagnosis and treatment of stroke in young adults

Boy looking out of window
30 April 2019 | News

New study reveals developmental difficulties caused by deletions and duplications of DNA

Professor Daniel Altmann Speaking
10 April 2019 | News

Eyes on the antimicrobial resistance prize

25 March 2019 | News

Running in the name of Medical Research

Mrf Lupus Brain Twitter
14 March 2019 | News

Decoding brain disease in lupus

Nadia Micali Twitter
27 February 2019 | News

Eating disorders Q&A: dissecting the role of metabolism and growth

Sylvane Desrivieres
25 February 2019 | News

Q&A: Spotting the earliest signs of an eating disorder

Kate Tchanturia 1
22 February 2019 | News

Q&A: Exploring the interplay between anorexia and autism

Team Photo
27 November 2018 | News

Thank You!

Group photo
31 October 2018 | News

Meet our Emerging Leaders Prize Alumni

Group photo
31 October 2018 | News

Adolescent mental health experts win Emerging Leaders Prize

Amr Students At Sm 2
06 September 2018 | News

Superbug gallery hosts PhD programme launch

Stroke In Young Adults
16 August 2018 | News

£1.5m for research on stroke in young adults

Viral Hepatitis
27 July 2018 | News

Funding research Fellowships in viral hepatitis

Hand on shoulder
29 June 2018 | News

£200,000 adolescent mental health Emerging Leaders Prize

Crick Event 3
22 June 2018 | News

Imaging progress at the Francis Crick Institute

Elp Winners 7
25 April 2018 | News

Emerging Leaders Prize winners

18 April 2018 | News

Warning: suspicious e-mail

Team Pic After The Event
01 April 2018 | News

Swimming the Channel

Med Res Fd Infectious diseses
25 January 2018 | News

Funding the future of antibiotics research

Med Res Fd Antimicrobial Resistance
01 January 2018 | News

AMR PhD studentship applications open

MedResFd Biological Imaging
01 October 2017 | News

£200,000 lupus Emerging Leaders Prize

Med Res Fd Antimicrobial Resistance
01 September 2017 | News

£2.85m National PhD Training Programme in AMR

Med Res Fd Mental Health
01 August 2017 | News

Funding vital research into eating disorders