Information for researchers

Manage your grant

Accepting your offer

Once awarded your funding, you will receive an award letter including details of our Terms and Conditions.

The lead research organisation and the Principal Investigator should formally accept the grant by signing and returning the award letter.

By signing the award letter, you are agreeing to the Medical Research Foundation's Terms and Conditions.


For UK based grants, payments to organisations will be settled quarterly, in arrears as per our grant Terms. Please submit quarterly claims via email to

An expenditure claim form and a breakdown of transactions being claimed be submitted alongside the invoice.

For international grants, subject to confirmation from the Foundation, payments will generally be made in quarterly installments in advance.


As a member of the AMRC, we support its position statement on supporting research in universities, and do not pay the full Economic Costs (fEC) of research.

Periods of leave

During the grant there may be delays to the research due to periods of leave such as parental, paid sick leave, or other special leave of principal investigator or co- investigator. The lead research organisation as the employer is responsible for meeting any additional costs that are associated with the period of leave.

Please contact the Research team at if a period of leave is required and the award can be put into abeyance.

Changes to a grant

In the event of unforeseen delays or challenges impacting your research project, it may be necessary to discuss an extension or budget modification. To discuss such circumstances, please reach out to the Research team at

Moving Institutes

The lead research organisation should contact the Foundation if the Principal Investigator is transferring to another organisation.

Please contact the Research team at if you intend to move institutes during the duration of your grant.


We collect information on the outputs and outcomes of our funding. The lead research organisation must ensure the Principal Investigator submits research outcomes data annually, within a specified submission period, to our online reporting system.

We also require the Principal Investigator to submit a final annual report to our online reporting system within three months of the end of the grant.

The impacts of COVID-19 on your research

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and variable impact on researchers' careers. We are committed to helping mitigate this as much as possible through our grant-making policies and practices. We are pleased to support the Academy of Medical Sciences Cross-funder COVID-19 memory statement as co-signatories.

We are providing applicants with a dedicated space within our funding application forms to detail how their career progression has been impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, guidance will be given to our Expert Reviewers and Panel Members so that they are able to take the impact of the pandemic on an applicant’s career into account, when they are making funding recommendations.

Tell us about your publications

Our Communications team are always looking for research stories to highlight through our channels. We love to hear updates on new research findings and publications, conference presentations or media appearances. To discuss any upcoming communications or if you have any queries please contact the team at