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Gifts in Wills are hugely important to the future of the Foundation and are the driving force behind the majority of the research we are able to fund.

By leaving a gift to the Medical Research Foundation, you’ll be funding the research that future generations will depend on.

Get a free Gift in Wills guide for everything you need to know about leaving a legacy of medical research.

We are an independent charity, focused solely on funding high quality medical research. With close links to the Medical Research Council, we’re able to choose the most impactful studies and adapt quickly to meet any emerging health crisis – thanks to the support of people like you.

Your Will can support some of the brightest scientific minds.

Many of these scientists are at the beginning of their careers when funding is hardest to secure – your support at this crucial time can propel a scientist to discoveries that will change the future of medicine and change and save lives for years to come.

Thanks to gifts in Wills, the Medical Research Foundation has supported researchers tackling pressing challenges like COVID-19, as well as vital areas of research that are often overlooked such as pain – ensuring we fill the gaps in medical knowledge and protect the future of human health.

Your Will can make the difference.

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What's in the Gift in Wills guide?

  • 6 easy steps to leave a gift in your Will to the Medical Research Foundation.
  • Information on the vital medical research that the Foundation funds, and the impact that your gift will have.
  • Information on the Foundation's strategic research themes, how we decide which research to fund, and how your gift is crucial to discovery science that can change people's lives.
  • FAQs about gifts in Wills, and their answers.
  • An opportunity for you to tell us about yourself.
By the time my donation reaches the Foundation, it’s impossible to know the biggest health challenges we’ll be facing. But I know it will be focused on areas with the greatest need, when the time comes.
Frances Rawle, who pledged a gift in her Will to the Foundation in 2018
Frances Rawle

Next time, make sure we’re ready.

What information do I need, in order to include a gift in my Will to the Foundation?

All you need are the following details, which would be shared with your solicitor:

Registered name: Medical Research Foundation Registered charity number: 1138223

Find out more about writing your Will, and the ways the Medical Research Foundation can support you here.

If you have any questions on gifts in Wills or the impact you could have, please contact our Fundraising team on 0207 395 2404 or email

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COVID-19 was the global medical emergency no one saw coming. We don’t know what the next threats to human health will be, but we do know that research is the only way to tackle them.

Hear why Professor Nick Lemoine CBE is leaving a gift in his Will to the Foundation.

Professor Nick Lemoine CBE served as our trustee since 2011 and became Chair in 2015. After stepping down as Chair in October 2023, Professor Lemoine explains why he's leaving a gift in his Will to the Foundation: