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Every donation, large or small, will be used to support life-changing research in areas of high need, where there has been low investment.

You help fund research where it is needed most

Unlike many other medical research charities, we don’t focus on a specific area of research.

Instead, our priorities are based on to gaps in understanding or specific requests from our donors.

This could be research into an existing condition which has struggled to receive funding in the past, such as adolescent eating disorders.

Or it could be research into a new and emerging threat to human health, such as climate change.

These priorities are reassessed regularly and unlike many medical research funders we are flexible and can adapt to the most pressing needs as they arise.

Funding priorities

Our priority areas of research are currently:

  • Impact of climate change on health
  • Adolescent mental health, particularly eating disorders
  • Pain
  • Eye diseases in children
  • Adolescent skin disorders

Find out more about our research priorities.

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We are flexible and can adapt to the most pressing needs as they arise.

Research that matters to you

If you want to support a specific area of research we will do our best to make that happen.

We sometimes receive requests from donors to fund a particular disease or area of research close to their heart.

This could be a condition that has affected you or your family, or it could be an area of research you have worked in during your career.

If you want to donate to a specific area of research, we will consult scientific experts to advise on how your donation can be best used.

With their help we will identify the most pressing questions that need to be addressed and the most effective way to do so - all to ensure your donation has the greatest impact.

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You are supporting the highest quality science

To ensure your donations funds only the very best science, we consult world-leading experts to decide which research projects to fund.

Every donation you make is important and we are dedicated to making sure it is spent on the very best research.

We are a proud member of the Association of Medical Research Charities and follow the highest standards of accountability in medical research funding.

The projects your donation will help fund are selected based on the expertise of our Board of Trustees, alongside advice from the Medical Research Council's specialists and members of its Board and Training Panels. This includes many world-leading medical experts, the very best people to judge which projects have the greatest potential to change lives.

88p per £1 spent on research

In 2022/23 for every £1 we spent, 88p went to funding life-changing medical research. The rest was used to raise funds so we can continue supporting research in the future.

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Medical research has never been more important. We need your help to continue funding life-changing research by some of the UK's leading scientists.

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