What we fund

Support for researchers

We offer a programme of support for our funded researchers, to promote their career development and aid their transition to independence.


MRC Fellows Induction Day

The workshop is an opportunity to meet key Medical Research Council (MRC) and Foundation staff, other recently awarded MRC and Foundation fellows and New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG) award holders. It is also a chance to reflect on some of the issues and opportunities that may arise over the course of the award, particularly during the transition to independence.

This event usually takes place twice a year, and fellows will receive an email invitation from the MRC with details of the event. Due to COVID the event is currently running online.

MRC Fellows Symposium and Evening Reception

The MRC invite all intermediate and senior fellowship holders to their annual showcase event. The day is a mix of talks and interactive events, offering networking opportunities across our cohort of fellows, and the chance to engage with us and the MRC on a range of topics relating to research funding and careers.

The Foundation holds an evening reception the day before the event, attended by fellows and Foundation staff with drinks, networking and talks from invited speakers.

This event takes place annually in the summer, and fellows will receive an email invitation with details of the event. Due to COVID the event will not take place in 2021 but will hopefully run in summer 2022.

Please contact the Research Team at for further details on upcoming events.

Having a mentor who is not necessarily familiar with you can bring in fresh ideas and inspirational interactions.
Dr Linxin Li
Foundation Fellow

Mentoring and career development

AMS Mentoring Scheme

All Foundation Fellows and Emerging Leaders Prize winners have access to the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) Mentoring Scheme. This pairs early career researchers with an Academy Fellow, NIHR Senior Investigator or NIHR Researcher - of which there are over 1,300 to choose from.

This prestigious programme promotes an enabling, non-directive approach to help mentees make critical career decisions. Mentors provide a framework for making career choices and act as a signpost to information and resources, while gaining insights into the needs of early career researchers.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Mentoring programme, please visit the Academy’s website or contact Access to the Mentoring programme will be via the Foundation, however, interested Fellows should contact the Academy to sign up.

Further Funding

Public Engagement Seed Fund

The MRC Public Engagement in Science Activities Seed Fund enables MRC and Foundation-funded scientists to pilot new activities and develop innovative engagements, to encourage and support engagement with the public and other stakeholders.

For further details on how to apply for this scheme get in touch with the research team at

Changing Policy and Practice Award

Our Changing Policy and Practice award supports the dissemination of MRC and Foundation-funded research results beyond the scientific peer reviewed press, to patients, participants, practitioners and policy makers.

Our fellows are eligible to apply, where funding is within one year of termination end date, or two years post-end date (prior to or after termination of support).

More details on how to apply for the scheme can be found here.

The impacts of COVID-19 on your research

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and variable impact on researchers' careers. The Foundation is committed to helping mitigate this is much as possible through our grant-making policies and practices. We are pleased to support the Academy of Medical Sciences Cross-funder COVID-19 memory statement as co-signatories.

We are providing applicants with a dedicated space within our funding application forms to detail how their career progression has been impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, guidance will be given to our Expert Reviewers and Panel Members so that they are able to take the impact of the pandemic on an applicant’s career into account, when they are making funding recommendations.

Tell us about your publications

Our Communications Team are always looking for research stories to highlight through our channels. We love to hear updates on new research findings and publications, conference presentations or media appearances. To discuss any upcoming communications or if you have any queries please contact the team at