Payroll giving

Payroll Giving

Giving through your payroll.



Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or GAYE) is a tax-free way of giving regularly to the Medical Research Foundation, making it one of the most efficient ways of supporting our medical research.

Each time you are paid, a donation is deducted by your payroll department before tax is calculated. If you are a basic rate tax payer and pledge £5, you will donate only £3.90 and the Revenue will add £1.10 – at no extra cost to you. If you are a higher rate taxpayer then it will cost you even less to donate £5 to Medical Research Foundation.

Some employers offer ‘matched giving’ schemes, where they match or double your gift at no extra cost to you – this means even more money for research to improve human health.

Check with your payroll department that your company offers the Payroll Giving scheme then decide how much you would like to give each payday. Remember that the amount you pledge includes the part the Revenue will pay!

If your employer does not offer Payroll Giving, you could support us by making a regular donation by standing order each month.