Leave a gift in your Will

Last will and testament

Thanks to gifts, small and large, left to us in Wills, we are able to invest £5m into medical research each year.



Leaving a gift to the Medical Research Foundation in your Will could help transform people’s health for future generations. More than half of our voluntary funding comes from gifts left in Wills. Any amount, small or large, makes long-term pioneering medical research possible.

You could leave a gift for ‘medical research general purposes’ which will give us the flexibility to ensure that your legacy is used to support the best research as it arises, and to respond to emerging research opportunities and health problems.

However, should you wish you can specify an area of medical research that you would like your gift to support and the trustees will do everything they can to apply your legacy as you wish. You can find a list of our existing funds here. We are always able and willing to open new funds to accommodate your wishes, so if you find that none of our existing funds are appropriate, please do contact us.

Leaving a gift to charity in your Will is a fantastic way for you to make a difference in the future without costing you anything now. Gifts left to a charity in a Will are exempt from inheritance tax.

The terminology of leaving a legacy:

• Pecuniary legacy –  A gift of a fixed sum to the Medical Research Foundation and can be as large or as small as you wish.

• Residuary legacy – A gift of the remainder of your estate (or a portion of what is left) to the Medical Research Foundation.

• Specific legacy  – Leaving something valuable to the Medical Research Foundation (we have been left property and even portraits in the past).

• Conditional gift – A gift that you would make if the person you first intended to benefit through your Will died.

A professionally drafted Will ensures that the people and causes that matter to you will be looked after. We recommend that you use a Will-writing professional such as a solicitor. If you have already made your Will and you would like to add a gift to the Medical Research Foundation, you can easily add a codicil (an additional part to your Will). Your solicitor can draw this up for you.

Please note that we are unable to provide legal advice. For legal advice on leaving a gift in your Will or making a Will, you should contact a solicitor.

Contact us: If you are considering leaving a gift to the Medical Research Foundation or have already decided to do so, we would love to hear from you. If you’d like to know more about the type of research you could support or would simply like to find out more, please contact Lisa Robinson on 020 7395 2371 or email lisa.robinson@mrf.mrc.ac.uk

We understand that writing a Will and making these decisions are private and personal, so if you’d rather keep it to yourself, we totally understand.