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Exploring the causes of orofacial granulomatosis to find better treatments

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Dr Natalie Prescott


King's College London


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Dr Natalie Prescott, from King's College London, wants to better understand orofacial granulomatosis, a rare condition affecting the skin around the mouth.

Dr Natalie Prescott Dr Natalie Prescott

Orofacial granulomatosis (OFG) can often begin in young people, causing swollen lips, cheeks and swellings or ulcers inside the mouth - impacting their appearance and, often, their mental well-being.

Some people with OFG also share symptoms with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition. Because OFG is uncommon and varies in how it shows up, it is not fully understood.

Dr Natalie Prescott aims to learn more about OFG by looking at its genetics, the bacteria in the mouth and gut, and how these relate to symptoms. By analysing genes and microbes, the team will investigate whether OFG and Crohn’s disease have similar causes. They will also study patients' blood chemistry and lifestyle habits to see how diet and genetics affect OFG.

Dr Prescott's team at Guy’s Hospital and King’s College London brings together experts from different fields. They have been running a clinic for OFG patients for years, closely studying over 400 cases.

The group is especially interested in how diet influences OFG and have found that avoiding certain foods may help manage symptoms.

This research aims to uncover the causes of OFG and find better treatments, building on the team's past discoveries.

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