Tackling diseases that devastate lives

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Funding research to tackle diseases and conditions that devastate lives



Last year we funded:

2015/16 Awards


Funded from the Asthma Research Fund

Jointly with Asthma UK, five awards to support mid-career researchers to undertake research aimed at alleviating the burden of asthma: Dr Aurelie Mousnier (Imperial College London); Dr Rachel Clifford (University of Nottingham); Dr Hans Michael Haitchi (University of Southampton); Dr Tara Sutherland (University of Edinburgh); and, Dr Amanda Tatler (University of Nottingham).

Children’s Health

Funded from Children’s Health Research Fund

Award to support an additional study to Dr Kevin Mortimer’s MRC New-Investigator Award at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine investigating children’s lung health in relation to exposure to household air pollution in rural Malawi.

Hearing, tinnitus and balance

Funded from the MRC Institute of Hearing Research (IHR) General Research Fund

Award to the MRC IHR, University of Nottingham, to support co-funding of research grants in topics relating to hearing, tinnitus and balance with the British Society of Audiology.

Ten bursaries for PhD student’s attendance at the 10th Tinnitus Research Initiative International Conference at the University of Nottingham

Human herpes virus research

Funded from the Peggy Hart Fund

Support awarded to Dr Mandy Glass at the University of West Scotland for research on human herpes viruses and reactivation.

Intellectual disabilities research

Funded from the General Purposes Fund

Co-funded award with the MRC, a grant to support Professor David Skuse’s research at University College London assessing the genomic impact on neurodevelopment for intellectual disability in children.

Lung diseases

Funded from the Respiratory Medicine Research Fund

Five awards to support mid-career researchers to undertake research into inflammatory, interstitial and fibrotic lung diseases: Dr Jo Fothergill (University of Liverpool); Dr Donna Small (Queen’s University Belfast); Dr Amanda Tatler (University of Nottingham); Dr Franco Conforti (University of Southampton); and, Dr James Garnett (Newcastle University).