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Last year funded the following to extend understanding:

2015/16 Awards

Funded from the MRC LMB Fersht Research Fund

Two awards to fund salaries and consumables for Professor Alan Fersht’s research on tumour suppressants (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge).

Funded from the MRC NIMR Robinson Research Fund

Award for two years to Prof Mehul Dattani and Prof Iain Robinson for a project looking at novel gene mutations causing pituitary dysfunction in children (University College London’s Institute of Child Health).

Funded from the Jeantet (Unwin) Prize Fund

Award to support travel and consumable costs of Dr Nigel Unwin’s research on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge).

Funded from MRC Human Genetics Unit General Research Fund

Award to the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine Unit, University of Edinburgh, to purchase a fluorescent microscope for use for cell transfection experiments.

Funded from the Ernst Jung (Jones) Prize Fund

Award to fund the research expenses for Dr Terry Jones’s continued involvement in the field of Positron Emission Tomography.