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AMR PhD studentship applications open

Applications are now open for PhD studentships in the first national PhD training programme in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) research.

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This innovative Training Programme is funded by the Medical Research Foundation and has been developed to respond to the urgent action needed to halt antimicrobial resistance and to accelerate new treatments for bacterial infection.

The Medical Research Foundation is investing £2.85 million to train the next generation of researchers to tackle one of the biggest challenges and threats to human health worldwide. We rely on antibiotics to treat everything from minor cuts to life-threatening bacterial infections. These drugs have drastically improved our quality of life and increased lifespan. However, in the 21st Century antibiotic overuse and misuse has led to antibiotics rapidly becoming ineffective.

 The Programme will support 18 fully-funded, multidisciplinary PhD studentships hosted across 15 universities and research institutes in the UK. The research projects will each focus on one of four themes:

  • Understanding resistant bacteria in the context of the human host
  • Accelerating therapeutics and diagnostics development
  • Understanding real-world interactions
  • Behaviour within and beyond the healthcare setting.

Details on the projects available can be found here.

 If you are interested in a PhD studentship and being part of a national research network tackling the problem of antimicrobial resistance, you should submit an application to the institution offering the project by 31 January 2018. For further details on the application process, please visit the National AMR PhD Training Programme site here.

 If you are interested in helping the Medical Research Foundation to fund students in 2019 and 2020 to tackle the antimicrobial resistance challenge, please contact Lisa Robinson on 020 7395 2371 or email