Launchpad Grants in Hearing Research

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We're delighted to be funding Launchpad Grants in Hearing Research, for researchers at all career stages, which enhances - or complements - research being carried out at the department of Hearing Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

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These grants aim to increase understanding of the auditory system, and the mechanisms underpinning auditory disorders. Insights from this research could enhance treatments and improve the lives of people with hearing problems.

Research areas could include, but are not limited to:

  • further understanding of the auditory system
  • mechanisms underpinning hearing loss, tinnitus, or other auditory disorders
  • the advancement or development of measurements, predictors, or outcomes for any type of hearing problem
  • the advancement or development of treatment intervention approaches for any type of hearing problem
  • understanding and reducing the impact of any type of hearing problem on health and well-being

Applications can be made to support an Early Career Researcher in their first research position, a mid-career researcher to make the transition towards independence, or an established researcher to carry out a pilot study. Applications will be assessed relative to the career stage of the applicant.

The research supported in this competition is possible thanks to the support of our generous donors.

Funding available

Applicants may apply for up to £100,000 to support their research, over a maximum of 18 months.

We will make up to £500,000 available in this scheme.

Who can apply

This scheme is open to both UK-based and international researchers at eligible institutions (HEIs, Research Council research institutes, hospitals, and other independent research organisations). Researchers must be based at the University of Nottingham Hearing Sciences for the duration of the award. Therefore, if not currently based there, they would be expected to move if successful.

Applicants must hold a PhD, DPhil or MD. PhD students who have not yet submitted their thesis but intend to do so by the end of October 2023 should contact us to discuss their eligibility.

This scheme is for early, mid-career and established researchers:

  • Early-career researchers are those immediately post-doctorate, or with some postdoctoral experience, but have not begun to transition to research independence or lead their own team,
  • Mid-career researchers are those with more extensive postdoctoral experience and in the process of, or ready for, transition to research independence,
  • Established researchers will have already secured substantial research funds and/or have already established their own research group (e.g. Senior Lecturers, Professors, MRC and other funders’ Senior Fellows).

The University of Nottingham will not be providing salary support, any required salary should be costed into the proposal. The Medical Research Foundation will not usually cover the cost of visas but will consider this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you need to discuss visa costs.

Please see the guidance for further information on eligibility. Please contact our Research team if you have any queries:


  • Deadline for submission: 12:00 Thursday 07 September 2023
  • Funding decision: November 2023 – the Foundation reserves the right to include an interview if the Expert Review Panel considers this necessary
  • Feedback on funding decision: December 2023
  • Anticipated start date: January – June 2024

How to apply

Applicants should apply using our online grants management system.

Please see here for Guidance for Applicants.

Applicants must use our Resume for Researchers template in their application.


Please get in touch with the Research Team if you have any questions about the application or eligibility criteria: Tel: 0207 395 2314.

Terms and Conditions of Award

Awards funded through this competition will follow standard Medical Research Foundation terms and conditions. The terms and conditions detail the responsibilities of the Principal Investigator and the Lead Research Organisation. The Principal Investigator and the Lead Research Organisation are required to indicate their formal acceptance of the proposal, their acceptance of the terms and conditions of an award, and the approval of the salaries and resources sought in the application.

The Medical Research Foundation may add additional conditions to a grant award to reflect the particular circumstances and requirements of the funding, or the nature of a particular award. Acceptance of an award constitutes acceptance of both the core conditions and any additional conditions. The Medical Research Foundation reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions.

Expert Review Panel

The Panel will be Chaired by Professor Cathy Merry, University of Nottingham.

  • Professor Stefan Bleeck, University of Southampton
  • Professor Corné Kros, University of Sussex
  • Professor Jennifer Linden, University College London
  • Professor Walter Marcotti, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Peter McNaughton, King's College London
  • Professor Brian Moore, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Lorenzo Picinali, Imperial College London
  • Professor Karen Steel, King's College London

Applications will be subject to panel review

Panel Review Guidance