Reporting the outcomes of your research

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All grant holders are required to report on the outcomes of their research on an annual basis and when their grant comes to an end.



A new online tool for evaluating and reporting on the impact of the research we fund.

Why do we ask you to report outcomes of your research?

As a charity, it is important for us to track the outcomes from the grants we fund so we can demonstrate the impacts and benefits of funding research into human health. We will use the information you provide to evaluate and report on the impact of the research we fund and to inform our research strategy. Capturing and sharing the impact of our research is essential for communicating with supporters and the Board of Trustees, and for raising the funds we will need to invest in future research.

Reporting research outcomes using Researchfish

Researchfish is an online system that is used to gather information about research outcomes. It allows researchers to record all of their research outputs and outcomes in one place and attribute outcomes to grants from different funders. It helps researchers share outcomes with funders more easily and efficiently, saving duplication of effort and enabling instant and accurate reporting, and allows funders to easily track and evaluate the outcomes of the research they fund.

What information should be provided and when?

MRF-funded researchers are required to provide an annual update of information relating to the outputs, outcomes and impacts that arise from their MRF-funded research. They are required to have a Researchfish account and to use the Researchfish system to provide these updates annually and usually for five years after their awards have finished. MRF requires that the research outcomes are updated within 3 months of the grant end date. To support evaluations for specific funding schemes or areas of science or to communicate about your work to donors, the MRF may require an update to an award outside the annual Researchfish submission period or may require additional information. Researchers will be notified of these. You will still be required to submit a full outcomes report on Researchfish when you have completed your grant.

Researchers may record and attribute research outcomes to awards at any time during the year. However, the MRF has aligned with the RCUK Researchfish submission period which is between February-March each year when the update of research outcomes information takes place. During this period a ‘SUBMIT TO RESEARCHFISH’ button is enabled for each award, and by clicking on this button, the researcher formally confirms that the currently attributed research outcomes represent a full and up-to-date record of the outcomes known to have arisen from that award. Grant holders will be reminded of the annual submission period via email.

Researchers are required to maintain an active email address in the Researchfish system to allow this communication to take place. Please contact us if you need to update any details related to your grant records. We recognise that recently awarded grants may have little to report but we do ask that you complete your research outcomes update as fully as possible and submit by the required date. In cases of agreed extended absence such as parental leave, sickness etc. researchers can request a temporary suspension of the MRF requirement to provide an annual update by contacting the MRF at

How does it work?

You will receive notifications from the MRF and Researchfish once your grant has been set up on Researchfish. If you have already created a Researchfish account for another funder you will need to use the link provided in the email from Researchfish to log into your existing account and add your MRF grant to your Researchfish portfolio. If you do not yet have a Researchfish account, once you have been awarded a grant from us you will receive an email from Researchfish asking you to register. You will need to register and start building your profile and research portfolio.

Terms and conditions

The submission of research outputs and outcomes data via Researchfish is a condition of an MRF grant. Failure to comply may result in MRF withholding payment of any invoices relating to the grant. By submitting a return in Researchfish, the researcher is agreeing that the information provided is truthful, accurate and as complete as practicable. Researchfish is not a publicly accessible data repository however, data held in Researchfish may be used to populate the MRF’s website and for production of corporate publications such as annual reports.


For technical queries, please contact the Researchfish support team at
Should you have any grant reporting queries or if you wish to update any award details please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can find out more about Researchfish and access helpful training tools, such as webinars and frequently asked questions through their website: