£1m awards for research equipment

February 2014

Blue microscope close-up


£1m for research equipment to accelerate the research and careers of the next generation of research leaders.

The equipment will support research to improve understanding of:

  • how energy is diverted to the foetus from the mother during pregnancy;
  • the brain structures involved in anxiety disorders;
  • normal (wound healing) and abnormal (cancer and age related blindness) blood vessel growth;
  • tuberculosis;
  • hearing loss;
  • cancer;
  • meningitis, septicaemia and gonorrhoea infections;
  • how microbes cause disease and the immune system responds;
  • the role of the immune system in brain repair after stroke;
  • type-2 diabetes;
  • brain circuits involved in depression;
  • eye contact processing following brain damage in adults and in children with Autism; and,
  • how parts of the brain contribute to hand movements.

Congratulations to the following MRC-funded researcher leaders of the future who we have been provided with funds to buy state-of-the art equipment.

  • Dr Apoora Bhatt (University of Birmingham) £45,000
  • Dr Paul Chadderton (Imperial College London) £73,000
  • Dr Marika Charalambous (Queen Mary, University of London) £80,000
  • Dr Hannah Clarke (University of Cambridge) £23,000
  • Dr Mathew Coleman (University of Birmingham) £16,000
  • Dr Melissa Jane Cudmore (University of Edinburgh) £158,000
  • Dr Stephen Hare (Imperial College London) £52,000
  • Dr Simon Johnstone (University of Sheffield) £126,000
  • Dr Barry McCall (University of Edinburgh) £76,000
  • Dr Colin Rickman (Herriot-Watt University) £65,000
  • Dr Oliver Robinson (University College London) £14,000
  • Dr Michael Schmid (University of Liverpool) £74,000
  • Dr Atsushi Senju (Birkbeck College) £50,000
  • Dr Demetris Soteropoulos (University of Newcastle) £100,000

The awards were possible thanks to generous legacies from Dr Henry Kane, Miss Jeannie Bell, Mr Egbert Higgs, Miss Effie Munro. Ms Sheila Hague, Mr Frank Steel and other generous supporters.