Our supporters

The research that we support is funded by generous individuals who wish to make a personal contribution to improving human health.



People support us by leaving legacies in their Wills, regular donations, collections in memory of loved ones or sponsored activities.

All of our supporters make an important contribution, however large or small the financial support. Without them, we would not be able to fund more research for human health.

During the past year, we have received support from:

  • Mr Jack Leonard Bell
  • Ms Nora Elloitt
  • Ms Muriel Louisa Franklin
  • Mrs Carol Anne Minnett
  • Mr James Campbell Balfour
  • Ms Cecilia Desiree Dickinson
  • Mrs Mavis Tomlinson
  • Ms Anne Hillary Lyall
  • Ms Elizabeth Robinson
  • Ms Mable Wood Douglass
  • Ms Eveline Annie Hughes
  • Mrs Sarah Tucker
  • Mr Steve Bennett
  • A Oswal
  • Mr Brian D Clements
  • Pearson Hards Solicitor
  • Ms Anita Bowler
  • Ms Helen Dando
  • Ms Marion Knox Dodd
  • Ms Vera Homewood
  • Mr David Humphrey
  • Mr Keith Robson
  • Mr P Farrow
  • Mr H Lidher
  • Mr G Schneider
  • A number of anonymous donors


In addition, the MRC made a significant contribution to the Medical Research Foundation by providing just over £350,000 in free services and accommodation to the Medical Research Foundation and the Africa Research Excellence Fund, along with expert scientific advice on emerging health needs, research priorities and peer review services. We are indebted to the MRC for its continued support.